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ISP / webhosting

Web hotels are delivered with CPanel webportal access with a wide range of tools to administrate web space and all included services. Automated backup routines and continuous security patching is included with all SLA levels.

All external services on behalf of principal are delivered on open platforms based on open source code. This facilitates lower cost deliveries and ensures openness concerning licensing and portability.


Solid experience with server operations and coding in multiple programming disciplines ensures the necessary competence ranging from narrow custom projects to routine insights for standard setups.
We accommodate special requirements - and standardised packages at affordable prices.
We are used to complying with principal requirement specifications, but engage in elaboration of specifications for evaluation on demand according to agreement.

Operation and maintenance

With strict demands to continuous monitoring of our data-center, we ensure that all services are frequently updated and backed up according to defined routines. Software updates are mandatory in all deliveries of security considerations. This ensures end-users continuously improved security and access to new functionality and optimisations.


SLA based support entails defined support levels regarding response times, uptime guarantees and set prices for inquiries related to updates, development and advanced support.
Using well-tested and documented open source projects means that up-to-date manuals and documentation are easily and freely available to all.
SLA-levels should be chosen based on how critical each delivery is considered and how often one estimates to be in need of assistance or technical development.



Please do not hesitate to contact us and explain the nature of your project, we will be pleased to answer you as soon as possible.

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Quality doesn't have to be expensive

With modern open-source technologies that meet demands to security, performance and functionality, we deliver user-friendly and estethic services priced according to specification.


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