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CMS solution customised to your visual profile and technical requirements.

Websites are delivered according to specification and are maintained according to SLA. Check our prices here.


With Joomla! CMS (content management system), administration of content and services are easy in an intuitive user interface.

Continuous Joomla! updates provide new functionality and over-all improvements in performance and security.

Standardised extensions

Repeated use of selected popular extensions gives hands-on expertise with required customisations needed to comply with desired functionality.

Securtity issues related to applied extensions are safe-guarded through continuous updates and monitoring of known weaknesses.

Template framework

Flexible templating frameworks makes it possible to rapidly comply with design goals and visual adjustments. The Joomla! templating frameworks of choice are based on performance, up-to-data technology, browser support and user-friendliness.

Boost packages are available for websites with exceptional requirements to lightning fast performance. The process involves minification and compression of content and traffic, cahcing and nessecary measures to optimize the sites response time.

Responsive design

With responsive design the webistes content layout adjusts according to screen resolutions. This means that only one version of the content needs attention accross all types of devices. It provides a consistent user experience and simpler interaction on smaller devices.

SEO - search engine optimisation

It is important to be available but equally important to be visible.
All deliviries take into account content positioning, meta data, sitemap and construct to comply with the norm for search engine robots, and usability.

Search engine optimisation requires continuous follow-up to be efficient. Read more about possibilities within SEO and marketing. .


We take security very seriously and ensure all patches and CMS security updates are in place in due time. Security enhancements and backup system are delivered with all CMS, and all security related communication is delivered over https (secure protocol) - with additonal encryption whenever necessary. This as additon to rotating system level backup and general infrastructure security.


Please do not hesitate to contact us and explain the nature of your project, we will be pleased to answer you as soon as possible.

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With modern open-source technologies that meet demands to security, performance and functionality, we deliver user-friendly and estethic services priced according to specification.


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