www.osnode.com  (Open Source Node) is a site dedicated to delivering an open source community for developers interested in sharing knowledge and learning about open source development in general.

Our topics are broad in the sense that we shed light on different technologies, but to give you an idea of the main focus areas - here is a quick overview:

Progamming languages in focus: PHP, Java (Spring & PrimeFaces), Javascript, HTML5

Open Source Related Solutions: Joomla (CMS), Atlassian products, 

Server software: Linux(ubuntu), Apache http server, Apache TomCat, GlassFish

Development Tools: NetBeans, Maven, GIT

If any of these topics are of interest to you - we hope you will join us and gain from the common knowledge of all.
Our registration process may seem a bit daunting at first - but this is an attempt to filter out unwanted users / behaviour, and abuse of our services will be an abuse of the entire communities trust. 

More information to come.